A personal note


Bird midiRs 1600 Waterfall Shrug Rs 1700

I wanted to introduce myself to all my shoppers, and write a personal Thank you note for being so supportive of our work, loving our stuff as much as we do and looking fabulous in them!

Fashionatclick.com was started simply with an aim to “deliver runway inspired fashion at affordable prices right to your doorstep”. We have always tried to keep our designs exclusive, trendy and fashion forward. A lot of times I am asked this question “how is your website different from the other websites” and I always say ” We sell trends, not brands” We have never aimed to get the big/established brands on our portal. Our main goal has always been to get stuff which is trendy and affordable at the same time. I understand every girl’s plight of not wanting to repeat their outfits, which is why we try to get you everything at prices without compromising on quality so that you keep buying again and again .

Yes, there a lot of challenges to operate in the e-commerce industry which is now so competitive. The most demotivating factor is when we get customers who order from our site and do not accept the order or pay for it even after confirmation. But then we have some lovely customers who keep buying from us, and send us emails with great feedbacks, and that always lifts our spirit!

We are thankful to all of you who have been a part of our growth and success! We hope to be a part of your wardrobe in the years to come.

Much Love

-Manvi Singh


4 thoughts on “A personal note

  1. I only just discovered the blog, but just wanted to tell you that this site and your designs are all fabulous. I appreciate that you keep the pricing affordable and are always on trend. This is, by far, my favorite online shopping destination (and this coming from an avid and often uncontrollable online shopper!), so thanks so much.

  2. Thank you 🙂 We are sooo glad to have you as a customer! It is customers like you that motivates us and pushes us forward. Thank you for the lovely comment, made our dull Monday very special 🙂

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