Why not jump start the manic Monday by some tips on how to dress throughout the week. In this edition of our Blog, we get fashion’s favourite stylists and hot industry insiders to pick what they love from Fashionatclick ! Their closet curations and how to wear the look well. 

This week we have one of our favourite stylists- Tanima Khosla of Cosmopolitan magazine, sharing her likes and how-to’s ! Here she is:



1)Floral Denims: Pair these puppies with a solid color blazer and it can work for both day brunch and for a night out.



Floral Denims: Rs. 1,999

2)Monochrome Dress: This trend is all the rage right now ! Carry a Neon clutch to add a pop of color to the look.


Black & White Vertical Stripe Dress: Rs.2,500

3)Metallic skirt: Pair it up with a printed shirt and you can wear metallic in the day.

Image Metallic Skirt: Rs.2,500

4)Orange Blazer: This is a personal favourite !Pair it up with the same colour ankle length trouser, a white shirt, a black tie and wedges.



Orange Blazer: Rs.1,599

5) Owl clutch: Love this eclectic choice. Carry it with your casual look to make your simple look, quirky and eye-catching.


Orange Box Clutch: Rs.2,000



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