No Belly Delhi featuring Neeti Goyal

ImageDress Rs 1599, Clutch Rs 3500, Earrings Rs 3000

 Neeti Goyal, is the girl behind “No Belly Delhi“. As the name suggests, she is bringing us all the formulas of avoiding a belly while we eat out in Delhi. This is what she has to say about Her new venture!


 Verona clutch Rs 3500

“No Belly Delhi was conceptualized with very selfish motives. My dear friend and co–founder Kersi Shroff had just returned from New York to Delhi for the summer and was on a fitness mission. He had successfully been watching his calories while eating out in New York where law mandates that restaurants share calorific information of menu items, but was finding it very hard to keep this up in Delhi as information about the food we consumer outside our homes is fairly limited. We realized that we needed to fill this information gap and, hence, over a series of meals (of course!), we started planning the blog, contacting restaurants and executing against our grand vision. We have received an overwhelming response since launch, which has confirmed our hypothesis that healthy eating is a key agenda for many more like us. We have been very fortunate to receive a lot of support from restaurateurs and hope to add many more restaurants and reach out to as many folks looking to eat out healthy in the near future!”

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.43.20 PM

Earrings Rs 3000

Neeti has been styled in a color block high low dress, with an embellished box clutch. The Earrings are in simple nude and gold to break through the neon tones. All the products are available on the website.


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